Joel D. Hirst

Something is afoul in the Revolutionary Socialist Republic of Venezuela.  Despite food shortages, blackouts and the terrible violence El Comandante's iron grip is stronger than ever.  Newly decorated Lieutenant Juan Marco Machado lovingly caresses his shiny AK-103 as he thinks about his promotion and what he would be willing to do to defend his revolution and his position.  He is about to find out it's more than he ever would have believed.  Meanwhile Dona Esmeralda is in trouble.  Ordered to demonstrate her solidarity for the revolution and open her colonial mansion (in which she carefully protects her dead husband's ghost) to the barrio dwellers, she decides she is left with no choice but to plot a counterrevolution.  Freddy, an American high school student is propelled by his parents to attend a socialist youth summit in Venezuela, pitting him against Pancho Randelli, a freedom activist and leader of the struggling student movement. And so the fates of four people become intertwined within a country plunged into revolution.